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My Soul is worth 85K…

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Killer Back Pain (7/28)…

man, oh man, was that some pain. i woke up around midnight and my back was killing me. haven’t felt that much pain a LONG time. i couldn’t do anything. took some vicodin, but that didn’t help much (at least at first). i guess eventually it kicked in, but until that time, i was crying from the pain – i think i put a hole in our carpet just walking around the front room waiting for the pain to go away.

my crohn’s is good lately…no real pain. i am taking a drug called lovaza (sp?) (it is fish oil) – 1000mg to try and raise my HDL (LDL?) (the good cholesterol). one side effect is that it gives me runny stools.

and just this past saturday (two days ago), i had the honor of giving the guest speech for one of my former students at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was nice and i took my youngest son to see what an eagle scout court of honor is about. (he is a webelo 2.)

Crohn’s Today (7/19)…

well, i had the joy of finding out what happens when you stop taking your steroid. i ran out of entocort and my doctor didn’t approve the new prescription fast enough so i went three days without entocort (and was still on 2.5mg of prednisone). talk about pain. it took until the third day, but it was horrific. my insides felt like they were solid rock. once i got my entocort back, it was all better. (that is why i am trying to figure out how to write a widget so that it will remind me to call in my prescriptions automatically.)

oh, yeah, fuck the red sox. god it is going to be a horrible second half. rays are going to win the east.

Crohn’s Today (7/11)…

well, i am in major pain because i ran out of my Entocort. and my doctor has not renewed my prescription.

i am not out of the vicodin though. 🙂

what the hell is wrong with francona. keeping delcarmen in was just stupid.

Crohn’s Today (7/7)…

man, i hate that i can’t figure out when i have good days and bad days. today is a bad day. pain all over my intestine. going to need to take a vicodin to recover.

only good thing today was that the sox came through finally. 1-0 over the twinkies.

Crohn’s Today (7/5)

Today was a good day. Not too much pain. Didn’t have to take a vicodin. Still can’t get a handle on what causes the pain. What foods, or environmental conditions aggravate it.

Too bad the Red Sox lost. 2-1. Man, i hate those games. Of course, we would have won if Rally Killer (aka Julio Lugo) wasn’t at bat. Man, he is horrible.

Fuck the Red Sox…

man, i hate them right now. 6 people before recording an out. took three(!) pitchers before someone got out. hansen belongs in AAA, not the majors. He has an era of 5! for gawdsakes. and delcarmen isn’t that great either. at least aardsma did his job and got the first out.

oh, my crohn’s is killing me today. why? because of the stress of watching the fuck sox! but then mr. vicodin is helping me out tonight.

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