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Chinese Fossil Find: Discovery Of 20,000 Fossils Sheds Light On Life After Mass Extinction (PHOTOS)

what, no comments about the Chinese stealing all of our inventions­?
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Another year done (12/31)…

Good bye 2009, hello 2010. I hope the new year finds everyone save and sound. And i hope you have a good year financially. I am thinking of getting a new job here in Modesto. I am tired of not having any money and need something new. My boss is a dick and I can’t stand him.

Today is Festivus (12/23)…

so what the hell is Festivus? Is it a made up holiday like Kwanzaa? Please explain.

Happy Halloween (10/31)…

my two boys are not at home tonight, they are at a friends house for a sleepover. This is the first halloween where they aren’t here to trick or treat. Kinda weird.

4 more days until the election. i am just so sick and tired of the ads and comments and general stupidity, mostly from Palin. she is a loon.

Crohn’s Today (9/9)…

Well. even though i am in remission, i still have pain. And that is because my doctor is taking me off Prednisone and Cipro. I am alternating days of taking it and then after a month i am supposed to completely stop taking those two. well, the pain is back and i am sure it is because of the two drugs.

Oh, and we got an above-ground pool (18′ x 48″). nice. now i get to go through the hassle of chlorine and cleaning, etc.

My Soul is worth 85K…

try this:

$85,590 Soul Dollars

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Tried it again. 🙂

$368,060 Soul Dollars

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Fuck the Red Sox…

man, i hate them right now. 6 people before recording an out. took three(!) pitchers before someone got out. hansen belongs in AAA, not the majors. He has an era of 5! for gawdsakes. and delcarmen isn’t that great either. at least aardsma did his job and got the first out.

oh, my crohn’s is killing me today. why? because of the stress of watching the fuck sox! but then mr. vicodin is helping me out tonight.

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