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Air Bags for the Elderly (12/15)…

OK, now this is just too damn cool. God bless technology. And, of course, it is from the Japanese. They are the wackiest people. Have you seen their T.V. shows?


Hubble Space Telescope being repaired. Yipee!

The HST (Hubble Space Telescope) has done more for astronomy than any other optical device. Astronomers have learned so much about space, deep space, and the universe’s evolution.

Hubble Space Telescope


Among the Hubble’s many scientific accomplishments, the telescope has enabled direct observation of the universe as it was 12 billion years ago, discovered black holes at the center of many galaxies, provided measurements that helped establish the size and age of the universe and offered evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

The telescope also has popularized astronomy by producing countless wondrous images.

A few of the repairs are going to be replacing the six gyroscopes, and an imaging spectrograph that has stopped working.