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Red Sox 2012 Edition…(4/15)

So here we are 1 week+ into the 2012 campaign and the Red Sox are 4-5. (Better than last year when they were 2-7 at this point.) Of the first three series (against the Tigers, Blue Jays and Rays), they are 1-2-0. (The series against the Rays isn’t technically over with a game to be played tomorrow on Patriot’s Day, but they have won the 1st 3 games, so they have won the series, even if they lose the game tomorrow.) And the last three games have been impressive in their offensive outpouring. I still think they won’t make the playoffs but they will do better than last year’s 90 wins.

In other news, my Crohn’s still sucks and hurts, but my pain from the surgery is getting less and less every day, but it is still there and does hurt very much on occasion. My GE wants to get me off Prednisone, but my body is addicted to it and it is really hard to go below 20mg daily.


I hate the fucking pain…(12/28)

gawd the pain is awful. i have been told that kidney surgery is one of the more painful surgeries, and they weren’t kidding. i am at two weeks into my recovery and it feels like I will never get better. i am glad for the vicodin but still….I would like for the pain to go away so i can go about my daily life. right now my life is sleeping and moaning. i try to do things but the pain doesn’t allow me to think very clearly or for long periods of time.
well, in good news, the red sox traded for andrew bailey as our closer. he should be less heartache-inducing than papelbon. #redsox

Francona is gone, and Lackey is still a Red Sock (9/30)…

why is Francona gone and Lackey still with the Red Sox (but a case could be made for Crawford as well)? Should be the other way around. And what happened with September? usually the Red Sox slide in August. As the saying goes, “there is always next year.” should have been this year.

Red Sox win their 3rd game…(4/16)

Wow, their record is now 3-10. Awesome. I was actually thinking of taking to this humble blog and starting a “60 wins” category. As in, the red sox are so bad this year, they may only win 60 games (or less). I originally was going to call it 100 losses, but figured that 60 wins is more positive. 🙂 Too bad Beckett/Lester can’t pitch more often. And we sure as hell need to get rid of Daisuke.

Update: Well, I guess I know what I am talking about, huh? The Sox are currently at 66 wins, and if they keep their average of wins up they will finish the year with 100 wins. Nice, eh? As for Daisuke, too bad about the Tommy John surgery, but good riddance.

9-1?! WTF?!!!!!1!!! (10/13)…

9-1? against the Rays? c’mon, you have got to be frigging kidding me. I have always been a fan of the Rays but not at the expense of the Red Sox. What the hell happened to Lester? and when the hell is Ortiz going to show up? 0-fer-October. Fuxoring heck.

Crohn’s Today (7/19)…

well, i had the joy of finding out what happens when you stop taking your steroid. i ran out of entocort and my doctor didn’t approve the new prescription fast enough so i went three days without entocort (and was still on 2.5mg of prednisone). talk about pain. it took until the third day, but it was horrific. my insides felt like they were solid rock. once i got my entocort back, it was all better. (that is why i am trying to figure out how to write a widget so that it will remind me to call in my prescriptions automatically.)

oh, yeah, fuck the red sox. god it is going to be a horrible second half. rays are going to win the east.

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