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I Really Hate Crohn’s Disease (3/27)…

So my doctor decided to take me off one of my medicines: metronidazole. Bad idea. He took me off it slowly (from 3 pills daily to 2 daily for 2 weeks, and then 1 daily for two weeks, and then stop). For the first week or so after stopping the pill everything was hunky dory. i felt good and didn’t have to take the vicodin like i usually do every two or three days. but about two weeks after going off the pill, i was in horrible pain and got very bloated with an upset stomach constantly. and i was taking vic. every day. not good. i call the doctor and he puts me back on metronidazole and i am ok again. however he wants to have me start humira. crap. i don’t want to do that. scares the hell out of me having to do the shots and treatment.