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Crohn’s Today (8/24)…

So, my doctor says that I am in “remission” from crohn’s. Clinical remission as he calls it. Good news I guess. I still have to keep taking all of those damn pills, but at least I don’t have to have surgery or go on Humera.

He is taking me off Prednisone. and Cipro as well. But I will be on all of the other meds i am taking (6 if I remember right).

And I still can’t eat fiber (or at least high fiber) foods. 3mg of dietary fiber is my limit. So, again, no Grape Nuts® for me. I love that cereal.


Best Movie Ever: Tropic Thunder (8/24)…

OMG (I hate using all of the internet/texting/kewl lingo), this movie is the best movie I have ever seen. I cried at one point i was laughing so much.
SPOILER ALERT: The scene where the director gets blown up: GENIUS! I actually reacted out loud in the movie theater. Thankfully there were only 15 or so souls in there. They laughed at my reaction. Too cool.

I am going to have to see the movie again. I am just so damn impressed by this movie. If it doesn’t win an Academy Award, the voters are full retard. 🙂