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Red Sox win their 3rd game…(4/16)

Wow, their record is now 3-10. Awesome. I was actually thinking of taking to this humble blog and starting a “60 wins” category. As in, the red sox are so bad this year, they may only win 60 games (or less). I originally was going to call it 100 losses, but figured that 60 wins is more positive. 🙂 Too bad Beckett/Lester can’t pitch more often. And we sure as hell need to get rid of Daisuke.

Update: Well, I guess I know what I am talking about, huh? The Sox are currently at 66 wins, and if they keep their average of wins up they will finish the year with 100 wins. Nice, eh? As for Daisuke, too bad about the Tommy John surgery, but good riddance.


“Unremarkable results…(4/16)”

So the results are back from the upper GI tests and according to the radiologist, they are “unremarkable”. Then why am i still in pain? I think the Humira is working overall, but there is still some pain left behind when i eat foods. but with the test being what it is, i know that i don’t have to have surgery and mess up my master’s class schedule. i am supposed to graduate this summer from the program and do an 8-day field course through Yosemite to cap off the program. so the mystery continues about my insides but i am meeting with my gastro. the 25th and maybe he can tell me something then.

Getting an Upper GI Test Monday (4/9)…

Well, so much for the Humira working its magic. It seems to have had the opposite effect, and made things worse. I had the injections on Monday (3/27) and by Saturday (4/2) I was in horrible pain. Rolling around on the floor, throwing up, just generally being on death’s doorstep. Well, this week the doctor informs me that 10% of patients do experience “gastric distress” with Humira. thanks for telling me now. So i am now scheduled for a gi test monday. hopefully we can see if there is any damage inside that we can get rid of. And i have had to miss work to top it all off, and my Master’s class is all messed up because of this.

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