Killer Back Pain (7/28)…

man, oh man, was that some pain. i woke up around midnight and my back was killing me. haven’t felt that much pain a LONG time. i couldn’t do anything. took some vicodin, but that didn’t help much (at least at first). i guess eventually it kicked in, but until that time, i was crying from the pain – i think i put a hole in our carpet just walking around the front room waiting for the pain to go away.

my crohn’s is good lately…no real pain. i am taking a drug called lovaza (sp?) (it is fish oil) – 1000mg to try and raise my HDL (LDL?) (the good cholesterol). one side effect is that it gives me runny stools.

and just this past saturday (two days ago), i had the honor of giving the guest speech for one of my former students at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was nice and i took my youngest son to see what an eagle scout court of honor is about. (he is a webelo 2.)


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  1. 1 Matt August 7, 2008 at 2:39 am

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