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Microsoft Zune – iPod Killer?

hmmm…how many times have we heard of a product being an ipod killer? First there was Creative, and then Sony, and now Microsoft (there were a few other iPod killers I didn’t mention, but they are no longer in business or no longer selling the product (Dell, anyone?)).

So, will Microsoft be the next iPod killer. In a word, no!

Just look at this thing. It has nowhere near the elegance of the iPod. oooohhhhh….a bigger screen, but not much bigger, and the resolution is worse than an iPod.

iPod Killer
Now, compare that to an iPod.
Video iPod
Tell me, which just looks better. (Yes, I am letting my Mac bias show, but c’mon, the iPod is way cooler.)

Yes the zune does have wireless capabilities, but they are limited and don’t work with everything.

So, in a nutshell, Microsoft is coming to the party late and a dollar short and trying to force their way in. They just can’t stand being second in line and have to take over the category. Well, Apple has a 5 year headstart and ain’t losing this race. Microsoft has a nice second-rate product but it won’t dethrone the iPod anytime soon.