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Remission for Crohn’s? WT….

So I am reading my latest issue of “Science News” when I come across an article titled “Crohn’s drug shows promise”. Needless to say, I read that with skepticism and some hope, seeing as how Humira and Remicade have both been total pieces of shit when it comes to my Crohn’s and Humira ended up giving me kidney cancer and I had to have a partial nephrectomy.

Anyway, this new drug, mongersen, supposedly put over two-thirds of its trial participants into remission for over six months. if that is true, how do i sign up for the clinical trial? I am so very tired of Crohn’s and all of its side effects (namely the severe diarrhea). It has come to the point that i can’t go anywhere without making sure that there is a bathroom wherever it is i am going. this drug works on TNF-alpha differently than humira or remicade. again, neither one of those drugs worked on my TNF-alpha in the first place, so anything is better than those two. i am emailing my GI to see what he says about this compound.


Crohn’s Today…

well, today is a good day. No pain, or minimal pain. I need to figure out what i ate or did differently to warrant the change. It might be the change back to 5mg of prednisone. i am supposed to do 2.5/5 alternating days and then go down to 2.5mg next week and stay there for 3 weeks until i see my doctor again.

in other personal news, i am teaching summer school: earth science. not a bad gig. the kids are ok. not the brightest, but not terrible either.