TriviaCrack Cards Bonuses

Now that I am retired from teaching I have a lot of time to play games on my iPad. One of the games that I love to play is #triviacrack. I don’t know if you know this game, but it is very addicting.

The basic game play is to answer trivia questions about seven different categories (e.g., science, history, art, etc.) and try to defeat your online opponent(s) – you can do this through one-on-one competition or play against nine other opponents at one time and answer twelve questions and get as many points as possible.

One of the things that you can get playing this game is gems – after answering between 25-50 answers correctly. After you have acquired enough gems, you can get cards that have bonuses to help you play the game. The bonuses are things like extra lives, extra coins, extra spins, and extra gems.

So what I have decided to do on this website is make a list of all of the different cards and their bonuses. I did this because I am always having to go back and look at the cards to see which bonus is with which card and that can be rather tedious.


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