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Crohn’s Today…

well, i am really hating my crohn’s today. my doctor has me on prednisone and he is tapering me off from 20mg a day to 0. we are at 2.5mg/day (i am switching between 5mg and 2.5mg a week and we are at 2.5mg this week) and my body doesn’t like it. i am in constant pain and having to use vicodin to relieve the pain. and i don’t want to get addicted to vicodin because of it. he is switching me over to entocort steroid instead of prednisone and it seems to work as well, but my body needs to get used to no more prednisone.

so until i am off the pred. it is going to suck. and if it doesn’t get better, he is going to put me on humira.


My Crohn’s Today…

well, i am finally able to get back to the blog and start writing. My crohn’s has come back after a 12-year hiatus. I am on every conceivable medication for crohn’s: 6-mp, prednizone, cipro, etc. etc. and i am no longer allowed to eat high fiber diets, so goodbye Grape Nuts®, and whole wheat bread. at least i have vicodin to keep me feeling good. gawd, i love that stuff. i am on the 750 version, none of that 500 or less for me.