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Time for more surgery (10/1)…

Had a colonoscopy this past Friday (9/28), and the GE found what we suspected all along: my previous surgery point (where the small intestine and large intestine meet) has closed up and will need to be re-resected. I am on a liquid diet for now and anything more solid than scrambled eggs hurts like hell once it gets to that closed intestine point. My doctor has made a referral to the surgeon, so once I get that appointment we will figure out a date for surgery and I can’t get this over with. The only good thing to come of this is that i have lost 30 lbs. (my wife hates me though. 🙂 )

Update: Appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow (10/15) at 2:45 p.m. I am going to try and get the surgery scheduled for Halloween (Oct. 31) so that will give me time to make up lesson plans and get my classes ready for when i am gone. But the way the pain is going and how I can’t eat anything without pain, I will want the surgery whenever the surgeon schedules it.

Update #2: Surgery is scheduled for Friday, November 2. And my official weight is 285. down from 320 a month ago.


Back from the hospital today (9/11)…

I spent the weekend in the hospital with a “bowel obstruction”. the surgeon on call, after looking at the CT scan, decided to be conservative with his treatment and hope it was just severe inflammation and not scar tissue obstruction and gave me a NG (naso-gastric) tube and hope that nothing going through the bowels would calm them down. and it did. no surgery needed but i am back to 40mg daily of prednisone, and a soft diet.

this is the first time i have been in the hospital for Crohn’s since my initial surgery in 1995. i have never had such inflammation or gastric distress before and don’t want it again.

Red Sox 2012 Edition…(4/15)

So here we are 1 week+ into the 2012 campaign and the Red Sox are 4-5. (Better than last year when they were 2-7 at this point.) Of the first three series (against the Tigers, Blue Jays and Rays), they are 1-2-0. (The series against the Rays isn’t technically over with a game to be played tomorrow on Patriot’s Day, but they have won the 1st 3 games, so they have won the series, even if they lose the game tomorrow.) And the last three games have been impressive in their offensive outpouring. I still think they won’t make the playoffs but they will do better than last year’s 90 wins.

In other news, my Crohn’s still sucks and hurts, but my pain from the surgery is getting less and less every day, but it is still there and does hurt very much on occasion. My GE wants to get me off Prednisone, but my body is addicted to it and it is really hard to go below 20mg daily.

CT Scan today (9/30)…

Got to swallow that lovely Barium Sulphate solution today. My gastro. has no clue what is going on inside my insides so he got a CT scan done to try and figure it out. Fun. Maybe we can get some closure on my condition.

Off to UCSF for testing (9/18)…

So, my gastro. has decided to send me off to a specialist (isn’t a gastroenterologist as specialist to begin with?) to find out what is going on with me. He has taken me off the Humira and just has me on the prednisone and 6-MP. The specialist is an IBD expert and she will let me know (?) if I should use another biological or just stick with the prednisone. fun!

Colonoscopy (5/24)…

So, i had my first colonoscopy last Friday (5/20). wow. only thing i remember is them putting in the Demerol and then waking up and having the nurse and my wife dressing me to go home. the doctor found a polyp and said i had an edema and a mildly inflamed junction at the small and large intestine. and four days later my stomach/insides are killing me. i asked the doctor about it and he said it is a reaction to have a tube in my insides. 😦 no shit sherlock.

“Unremarkable results…(4/16)”

So the results are back from the upper GI tests and according to the radiologist, they are “unremarkable”. Then why am i still in pain? I think the Humira is working overall, but there is still some pain left behind when i eat foods. but with the test being what it is, i know that i don’t have to have surgery and mess up my master’s class schedule. i am supposed to graduate this summer from the program and do an 8-day field course through Yosemite to cap off the program. so the mystery continues about my insides but i am meeting with my gastro. the 25th and maybe he can tell me something then.

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