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Red Sox win their 3rd game…(4/16)

Wow, their record is now 3-10. Awesome. I was actually thinking of taking to this humble blog and starting a “60 wins” category. As in, the red sox are so bad this year, they may only win 60 games (or less). I originally was going to call it 100 losses, but figured that 60 wins is more positive. 🙂 Too bad Beckett/Lester can’t pitch more often. And we sure as hell need to get rid of Daisuke.

Update: Well, I guess I know what I am talking about, huh? The Sox are currently at 66 wins, and if they keep their average of wins up they will finish the year with 100 wins. Nice, eh? As for Daisuke, too bad about the Tommy John surgery, but good riddance.