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Well, we may have closure with Crohn’s (1/6)….

So i saw my gastroenterologist yesterday (who is retiring by the way; so i have to get used to a new gastro. this year), and he/we decided that i need to start Humira. The drugs have run their course and are no longer helping the pain or preventing the recurrence of blockage. and with the new blockage in the upper gi tract, and taking 40mg of prednisone, it is best to get on the Humira and off the steroids.

i was really scared two years ago when he said that i would need to start Humira and i blocked it from my mind and didn’t want to go there, but now that i have had this long to think about it and research it, I am ready for Humira and want to get it started so i can be free of this damn pain. as much as i like the Vicodin (and i really like the Vicodin), i am sick of the pain.

no matter what i eat, i have pain in my intestine and rumbling after eating. it is quite annoying.