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Happy Birthday, Earth!

Today in 4004 BC, the earth was created. Yeah, happy birthday Earth. You don’t look a day over 4000 BC. (Of course, this is all based on a biblical interpretation by a monk or pope, or something, in 1650.)

So all of those scientists that have come up with a MUCH older age over the last 300 years must be wrong. And all of that data about fossils, dinosaurs, etc isn’t wrong too. Well, we are all going to burn in hell anyway, so might as well make it fun.


Red Sox 2007

so, what exactly is going to happen to the red sox next year? (and, what the hell happened to the sox this year? first place at the end of july, and then a major tailspin the rest of the season. sad. very sad.) let’s hope they have better pitching this year and not so many injuries.

epstein signed a contract today. yipee!

Finally broke down and got my own blog…

Hi all. Welcome to my first post on my science/politics/education/whatever blog.

So, about me: I am a high school science teacher (Chemistry/Physics/AP Chemistry/AVID) here in California. Diehard Red Sox fan (and, no, I haven’t seen “Fever Pitch“; but have been to Fenway Park and sat in the Green Monster seats). Even more diehard Macintosh fan (currently have a G5 17” (iSight) iMac computer; Mac Nerds will know the model I am talking about).

Hopefully, I will be able to consistently update my blog and muse about anything and everything Red Sox, science, education. Stay tuned.