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Kidney Stone (9/27)…

Well, on Wednesday, I was in horrible pain. After much moaning and groaning (and passing a blood clot in my urine…more on that in a minute) I ended up in the Urgent Care and after many tests and X-rays, I was diagnosed as possibly having a kidney stone.

To back up a second, the reason I went to the Urgent Care was because of the blood clot that I passed. The night before (Tuesday) and into early Wednesday morning my back was killing me. Even after taking Vicodin, I was in major pain. Needless to say, I didn’t go to work. Around 7 am i have to pee and when I did, I had a sharp, very sharp pain in my left side and then i saw something come out in the urine. I pick it out of the toilet and notice it is a blood clot. I call my doctor and he tells me to go the Urgent Care. I do, long story short, the x-ray shows a “shadow” in my ureter near my bladder. UC doc thinks it is a kidney stone.

And now, I can say from that day on I have felt the best I have ever felt. It is amazing. A life-altering experience. I hope it lasts.

Oh, and Go Red Sox!


Crohn’s Today (9/19)…

Well, I think i have a urinary tract infection. I am alternating days with my prednisone and Cipro. (one day taking it, next day not taking it, etc.) And i am getting some serious pain. So i made an appointment with my doctor to have it looked at. hope it is nothing more serious.

So Much for Remission (9/16)…

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted. I am having horrible pain recently and am sure it is because i am decreasing my Cipro and Prednisone amounts. My penis is really hurting and it only started after decreasing those two drugs. I am going to go to my doctor tomorrow to tell him about it and hope he doesn’t say it is something new or worse than before.

Crohn’s Today (9/9)…

Well. even though i am in remission, i still have pain. And that is because my doctor is taking me off Prednisone and Cipro. I am alternating days of taking it and then after a month i am supposed to completely stop taking those two. well, the pain is back and i am sure it is because of the two drugs.

Oh, and we got an above-ground pool (18′ x 48″). nice. now i get to go through the hassle of chlorine and cleaning, etc.

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