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89.44% (12/11)…

crap. just my semester results back from my latest master’s class: 89.44%. (I am getting my M.S. in Geosciences through Mississippi State.) I needed to get a 270/300 on my final to get an “A”. I got 264/300. Each question was worth 6 points, i missed 6, and could only afford to miss 5. I looked over the test and one of the missed one’s was one i shouldn’t have missed. ah, well. at least i am keeping my “B” average.
Update: Holy fuck, she changed the grade. I now have an “A” for the class! Hot Damn!


I really am sick of certain people (11/19)…

so at work today a fellow teacher made a comment about something i said and i wanted to slap the fuck out of him after he said it. He is such a dickwad.

I said I am planning on doing a water balloon toss for my Physics class and his comment was “what standard is that?”. you know what, fucktard, it isn’t any standard, it is fun. god forbid that students should have fun.

and this teacher is the worst when it comes to following the rules. he has no right to ask if i am on task. he is the worst about that. plays a fucking xbox in his class, for jeebus sake.

but because i am too much of a pussy i held my breath and after he was gone and no one else was around, i started yelling at him. the story of my life. hold it all in and then yell at the walls.

Hubble Space Telescope being repaired. Yipee!

The HST (Hubble Space Telescope) has done more for astronomy than any other optical device. Astronomers have learned so much about space, deep space, and the universe’s evolution.

Hubble Space Telescope


Among the Hubble’s many scientific accomplishments, the telescope has enabled direct observation of the universe as it was 12 billion years ago, discovered black holes at the center of many galaxies, provided measurements that helped establish the size and age of the universe and offered evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

The telescope also has popularized astronomy by producing countless wondrous images.

A few of the repairs are going to be replacing the six gyroscopes, and an imaging spectrograph that has stopped working.

Holy Cow….8.1 Earthquake!

A magnitude 8.1 earthquake has struck near the Japan Islands in the Pacific Ocean. A tsunami warning has been issued for the islands and people are being told to head to higher ground. They [the Japanese meteorological society] expect waves of 6 1/2 feet high.

8.1 magnitude earthquakes are very rare and very deadly. A 9.1 magnitude quake in Indonesia in 2004 is what caused that massive tsunami that killed so many people. The waves for that one were 30+ feet high.

According to the story in Yahoo:

Japan is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries because it sits atop four tectonic plates.

Man, that has got to suck. Here in California we are on two plates and they don’t move much. And our plates are very different than the Japanese plates.

Happy Birthday, Earth!

Today in 4004 BC, the earth was created. Yeah, happy birthday Earth. You don’t look a day over 4000 BC. (Of course, this is all based on a biblical interpretation by a monk or pope, or something, in 1650.)

So all of those scientists that have come up with a MUCH older age over the last 300 years must be wrong. And all of that data about fossils, dinosaurs, etc isn’t wrong too. Well, we are all going to burn in hell anyway, so might as well make it fun.

Finally broke down and got my own blog…

Hi all. Welcome to my first post on my science/politics/education/whatever blog.

So, about me: I am a high school science teacher (Chemistry/Physics/AP Chemistry/AVID) here in California. Diehard Red Sox fan (and, no, I haven’t seen “Fever Pitch“; but have been to Fenway Park and sat in the Green Monster seats). Even more diehard Macintosh fan (currently have a G5 17” (iSight) iMac computer; Mac Nerds will know the model I am talking about).

Hopefully, I will be able to consistently update my blog and muse about anything and everything Red Sox, science, education. Stay tuned.

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