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Happy Halloween (10/31)…

my two boys are not at home tonight, they are at a friends house for a sleepover. This is the first halloween where they aren’t here to trick or treat. Kinda weird.

4 more days until the election. i am just so sick and tired of the ads and comments and general stupidity, mostly from Palin. she is a loon.


Vitamin D3 (10/29)…

Well, i got my results back from the bone density scan and I am ok, but because i am taking steroids i have to have vitamin d3? (I didn’t even know that there was a d3. I just thought there was vitamin d (the stuff that your body makes when you go out in the sun) and that was it. well, turns out that that is what d3 is.)

i am still waiting to hear about my ct scan. really want to know what the results are. i am part of “mysutteronline”, so they will post the results online and then i will probably get a call from the urologist.

on a personal note, we got a new kitten (although i don’t want it to stay around), she was a stray elsewhere but we picked her up from the house where she was meowing madly. (did that make sense?) the family is calling her queen isabelle. or izzy for short.

Go Celtics! (10/28)…

well, now that baseball is over for me, i can concentrate on sulking and hating life until april (when I get to see the red sox play the A’s april 15).

so, until that comes around i will cheer (half-heartedly) for the Celtics and Steelers.

And the Phillies will win tomorrow, but it should have been the Red Sox playing them. But, nooooo, Francoma had to leave Beckett in for game 2 and 6.

8 Days (10/27)…

Gawd, 8 more days until the elections. I can’t wait. Get it over with and no more of this ” he’s unstable” or ” he’s a socialist” crap. I hate the way American politics are run. One month. that is all the time the candidates should get. quick and easy.

And vote NO on 8. If queers want to marry, let them. How does their marrying affect us heteros? it will not be the end of western civilization.

Support our Troops….(10/23)

I just saw one of the dumbest sites ever: a car with its back window covered with a picture of the Twin Towers in NYC and outlined with “Support Our Troops…Never Forget”. What a fucking dumbass.

I support our troops…by wanting them the fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They shouldn’t have been there in the first place and now they are stuck in an endless war.

And i will never forget what a fucked up job Bush has done. If Gore had been elected like he was, this quagmire in the Middle East wouldn’t have happened. At least Shrub will go down as the worst. president. ever.

And i am voting Libertarian in two weeks. Go Bob Barr!

8 mm (10/22)…

Well, I passed my stone last night. Measured it this morning and it is 8 mm long. Wow! Not too much pain, and a little bit of blood afterwards, but other than that, nada. Glad it is finally over.

At school we had a night rally and I took part in it: a mechanical bull riding contest between staff members. Boy, did that cause some pain; but i enjoyed it. That might have had something to do with the moving of the stone. or not. whatever.

And the Red Sox should be in the World Series, but Francoma for some unknown reason left Beckett in Game 2 3 innings too long. We should not have lost that game. That was the turning point in the series. Ah, well, as they say “there is always next year”.

Game 7 (10/19)…

You knew it had to come down to this, right? especially after that most awesome come-back in game 5. unbelievable. i was ready to give up on the Sox (ok, i HAD given up on the sox), and think that the Phillies were winning the world series.

Well, i should know better. 10 years ago, they would have choked; but not the current sox.


and my kidney stone (or whatever it is) is really killing me. I am living on Vicodin.

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