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Ready or not, going back to work Monday…(1/19)

so, I think i am ready for work now. It has been 5 weeks and the pain is mostly gone from my side (more on that in a minute), and I am down to one nap a day. And I am down to 1 vicodin a day as well. I need to get off the pills; I was/am addicted I think, and since dr. a. won’t give me anymore after this refill runs out, i am going to have to wean myself off the drugs. 😦

I went back to Huntington today (mostly to get money back in my coffers since Amazon is drying up) and boy was that a bad idea. I worked from 4:30-7 pm, and by 6 pm, i was in horrible pain. I wish i could have gone home, but the student i was tutoring really needed the help, so i stayed to help her but ran out of huntington to get home as fast as possible. (And i took a vicodin to help me out. how sad.)

well, I am looking forward to work at patterson monday (i actually am), and can’t wait to see all my dumbass students. I will, of course, show them my scar and have to explain to every class what happened and was it going on for the rest of the year.


I hate the fucking pain…(12/28)

gawd the pain is awful. i have been told that kidney surgery is one of the more painful surgeries, and they weren’t kidding. i am at two weeks into my recovery and it feels like I will never get better. i am glad for the vicodin but still….I would like for the pain to go away so i can go about my daily life. right now my life is sleeping and moaning. i try to do things but the pain doesn’t allow me to think very clearly or for long periods of time.
well, in good news, the red sox traded for andrew bailey as our closer. he should be less heartache-inducing than papelbon. #redsox

I Hate Pain (8/2)….

Well, my doctor tried to take me off Prednisone and it didn’t work out so well. I am in horrible pain and he says it is because my intestines have inflamed because the Prednisone isn’t there to keep them in check. Thankfully, he put me back on the Pred. 20mg dose. Hopefully, the pain will go away soon. I am having to do 2 Vicodin pills a day to be able to make it through the day.

Getting an Upper GI Test Monday (4/9)…

Well, so much for the Humira working its magic. It seems to have had the opposite effect, and made things worse. I had the injections on Monday (3/27) and by Saturday (4/2) I was in horrible pain. Rolling around on the floor, throwing up, just generally being on death’s doorstep. Well, this week the doctor informs me that 10% of patients do experience “gastric distress” with Humira. thanks for telling me now. So i am now scheduled for a gi test monday. hopefully we can see if there is any damage inside that we can get rid of. And i have had to miss work to top it all off, and my Master’s class is all messed up because of this.

4 Doses of Humira today (3/28)…

So i go in to be trained how to use the med. and they up and tell me I am going to be injected with the shiznit! Not as much pain as i thought there would be. Glad i had stephanie with me. she actually injected me after the training nurse showed us how. 4 doses today and then 2 more in 2 weeks and then 1 every two weeks after that for the rest of my life. nice. met my new gi doc today. dr. jha. ok dude, but definitely not dr. fisher. i liked dr. fisher. too bad he had to retire.

So Much for Remission (9/16)…

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted. I am having horrible pain recently and am sure it is because i am decreasing my Cipro and Prednisone amounts. My penis is really hurting and it only started after decreasing those two drugs. I am going to go to my doctor tomorrow to tell him about it and hope he doesn’t say it is something new or worse than before.

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