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Stupid Red Sox (9/7)…

gawd, how did this year escape us? We were doing so well, and then all of a sudden the bottom fell out. We will make the playoffs as the Wild Card, but don’t think we have it in us to make the WS. Hate to think that the Yankees are going to win their 27th WS.

And WTF happened to Beckett? The addition of V-Mart was a wise choice, but he is a hitter and not a pitcher – he won’t be able to save us until he can pitch.

9 GB of the Yankees after tonight and 2.5 up on the Rangers (the Rays are done), so it is a 2-way chase for the postseason.


Wow, it has been 8 months (9/7)…

since i last posted. I guess I don’t have as much to say as I thought I did. I started this blog three years ago with the intent to be the new Daily Kos (but from an independent viewpoint) , but it turns out I don’t have it in me to be a political analyst or keep up on all the minutia of the washington, d.c. crowd.

So, I think I will go back to the 2nd reason I started this blog: to journal my struggle with Crohn’s Disease, as well as my very boring (read: VERY BORING) everyday existence.

So much to say and catch up with: my Crohn’s is back, and might be worse than before. No surgery yet, but Humira is in the near future. And I dislocated my shoulder again. Great. And this time it wasn’t anything as interesting as playing baseball with my son: i was leaning back in my chair relaxing and it dislocated. 😦

I am starting class 7 of 12 for my Master’s class. It is “Planetary Science” and is fun so far. It is stuff I used to teach in Earth Science, so it is review pretty much.

We still have that furball Isabelle. She is terrorizing all the other cats in the house, and royally pissing off Stephanie, who wants to turn her into Kitty Tamales.

I will update again tomorrow.

My son has his own blog…

My youngest son has his own blog now (how very 21st century is he – soon he will be more advanced than me). Visit “”. Again, realize that this is a 9 year old running the blog, so don’t expect too much. 🙂

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