Red Sox Nation 2009 (12/15)…

So the Red Sox opened up their fan club, Red Sox Nation, this weekend. And this year there is a new tier. Normally there are three levels of RSN: Fan Pack, Ultimate Fan Pack, and Monster Pack. They added Hat Pack this year – which is the Fan Pack, but you get a Red Sox baseball hat in addition to all of the Fan Pack stuff! Wow! I am way too poor for Monster Pack (US$299.00 for the ability to purchase two Green Monster seats), and so end up usually getting the Fan Pack. It is nice and it allows me to listen to all of the games throughout the year with Gameday Audio.

However this year, they have added a whole slew of new stuff to each level – very nicely done on their part. Fan Pack the last few years has been very sparse and boring. All of the good stuff was Ultimate and Monster Pack, but now you can get into a drawing for Green Monster seats with Fan Pack.

So, I am thinking that I am going to have to go with Fan Pack again, but enjoy it much more.


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