I really am sick of certain people (11/19)…

so at work today a fellow teacher made a comment about something i said and i wanted to slap the fuck out of him after he said it. He is such a dickwad.

I said I am planning on doing a water balloon toss for my Physics class and his comment was “what standard is that?”. you know what, fucktard, it isn’t any standard, it is fun. god forbid that students should have fun.

and this teacher is the worst when it comes to following the rules. he has no right to ask if i am on task. he is the worst about that. plays a fucking xbox in his class, for jeebus sake.

but because i am too much of a pussy i held my breath and after he was gone and no one else was around, i started yelling at him. the story of my life. hold it all in and then yell at the walls.


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