Am I a bigot? (11/6)…

I guess I must be a bigot because I don’t get all of the uproar over Prop. 8. Yes, it lost, but so what? I voted NO (actually I voted NO on all of the propositions, except for Measure S), but still the Proposition passed, and now everyone is suing and saying how disgusted they are with California, how the backers are homophobes, etc. The argument they are making on DailyKos and elsewhere, is that they can’t understand how California can vote for Obama, and Yes on 8 at the same time. I get it perfectly. We are not a liberal state. Never have been, never will be. There are pockets of liberalism, but in general, the state is conservative. Just look at this map. It is 2000 and 2004 data, but California is a red state with blues in the major urban areas. I would have been more surprised if 8 had passed.
The one thing that I have always said, is that if THEY want to marry, so be it, just don’t let me hear you or see you. Keep it to yourself. And if you lose an election, you come back in 2 years and try again. That simple.


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