I Hate Pain and other thoughts (10/4)…

Man, I am really tired of this urinary pain. And I really want this kidney stone to pass. At least I am not having any pain from Crohn’s.

OK, time to talk Red Sox. Up 2-0 over the Angels. Do they sweep? HELL YES! And Manny will be seeing the Sox when the Dodgers get swept by the Sox in the WS.

And other personal news: I officially have changed my political affiliation to Libertarian. I am sick and tired of both Democrats and Republicans. I hate both parties because they are both corrupt (morally and intellectually; and the Republicans are so homophobic and sexist it is disgusting. The Democrats on the other hand are so weak it is pathetic.) and I want a real candidate in the mix. The libertarian viewpoint is the best out there and I wish other people would back it.


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