10 Dirtiest Jobs in Science…

Man, I am glad I am a high school science teacher. They couldn’t pay me enough to do these jobs. I know that they need to be done (and I am glad that people do them), but not by me.

From CNN.com:

Sometimes a job calls for a little dirty work, but when your job is in science, the dirty part can become increasingly literal.

Since 2003, Popular Science magazine has released an annual report detailing the “Worst Jobs in Science.” Among the psychologically demanding and dangerous elements of some of these jobs, these scientists must also be willing to get to the nitty gritty, even if it means going where no man or woman has gone before (or would want to).

Look at the list of jobs. Tell me that any of these are in the least appealing to you. (Although, the volcanologist sounds cool. And look at job number six. Gross! ewwww!)

Manure Inspector

Orangutan-Pee Collector

Hot-zone Superintendent

Extremophile Excavator

Dysentery Stool Sample Analyzer

Semen Washer

What they do: Take semen samples under microscopic observation to study their sperm count, then spin, separate, add preservatives and freeze the samples for in vitro fertilization.


Carcass Cleaner

Fistula Feeder

Corpse-Flower Grower


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