Have the Red Sox become the Evil Empire?!

The Red Sox may have the young pitching stud, Daisuke Matsuzaka, they have needed for two years, but at what cost. (Actually, the cost will be $75 million for 3 years.)

By being so aggressive for him, they have shifted the power status in the AL East, if not the whole AL. True, one pitcher does not make a staff, but one good pitcher does help a whole lot.

People have said for the last few years that the Yankees were trying to buy the World Series by paying outrageous salaries for their players. Well, the Red Sox are now going to do that for this pitcher. One difference though: the Yankees bought older, veterans, burnt-up players; the Red Sox are getting a 26 year old pitcher that has quite a few years on him (assuming he stays healthy).

We will see. I hope that this is the start of a beautiful friendship with Japan and the World Series rings.

And I hope to go back to Boston and sit on the Green Monster like I did in ’05.


Update: The Red Sox just won the right to negotiate with Matsuzaka. For $51.1 million. The Red Sox now have 30 days to complete a deal or the player goes back to Japan to play. He is represented by Scott “Evil Incarnate” Boras, so he will get as much, if not more, as possible.


1 Response to “Have the Red Sox become the Evil Empire?!”

  1. 1 Snexlex January 24, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    I hope this will make my World Series stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂 http://www.trendio.fr/word.php?language=en&wordid=1967

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